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physical print claim for glitch — misha de ridder

Burning the token is the final and irreversible degradation fase and at the same time the transformation to the physical. When all the tokens are burned an empty website and Ethereum contract remains as a memory and the art lives on as a print. You could argue the tokens are backed by a physical asset. You can always exit.

If you are a 1/1 token holder, you can take advantage of the special opportunity to acquire a large-scale fine art print by the artist, fulfilled by Assembly.

Assembly will offer gallery-quality fine art prints for collectors who choose to burn their 1/1 token to purchase a physical print.

All prints are produced on Canson Rag Photographique 310gsm paper with Canon Lucia Pro ink, and come in 40 x 50 / 40 x 60 in. sizes, based on the image aspect ratio. Print redemption costs $3,000, which can be paid in USDC or other crypto. Prints include a signed label and certificate of authenticity from the artist.

On the token page, a burn-to-print button will be displayed when the user is the owner. When clicked, it will display a modal informing you of the step-by-step process to make it happen. Fill out the form to provide contact and shipping information. Please include all information requested to assure a smooth process.

After receiving your information, Assembly will send you a payment request. After payment you will receive a code for Assembly. Go back to the token page and use the burn-to-print button to start the token burning process filling in the code. After you burn your token Assembly will produce and ship your unique print.

Official email communication about prints will only come from an official domain.