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  • start date: sunday, april 28 at 1pm edt / 7pm cest
  • end date: sunday, may 5 11:59pm edt / monday, may 6, 5:59am cest
  • price: 0.025Ξ
  • creator's fee: 5%
  • supply: 510 artworks
  • blockchain: ethereum
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glitch by misha de ridder, released by Fingerprints, is a collection of 50 animated GIFs, stemming from photographs of erased graffiti. The act of erasing can involve both destruction and generation, transformation and reimagination—allowing for new possibilities to emerge.

As soon as the 1/1 auction closes, a limited mint of 510 editions will become available. The edition piece is a randomized composite image of all 50 animations, each representing one of the many possible options of the full collection mosaic, minted as HTML-page. The mint is limited to 510 editions. The art is slowly degraded as more editions are minted following the steps of the 1/1s — until the last 10 editions are left completely blank. There's no way to restore, what you mint is what you get.